domingo, 4 de diciembre de 2011

Buffalo Dance

Edison in the headlights

the World is Watching

Action! is the Word action! (makes things happen)

Frontiers – make things larger

ever Falls must Rise

ever Greens – die – a fake death

Cut! Action cut!

Tools must sharpen tools

Rise and Fall – but a story

Cut -- and Divide !

Segment upon segment

Foundations fake foundations

And the End

the Real Thing – only slightly real

and barely a thing

But when Told (sometimes if nicely told) – the Story

engages Truth – invents It

bears It & inherits It

signs a Will of It

trains go Out West

the World Divide

like Film – reel to reel

and rail to rail – the Universe blows

Is it separate from It – is it It ?

brothers out of sisters out of brothers

dance the Buffalo dance

make the Buffalo dance

story Tell the Story telling

the vast Building

Universe Comprehending

for them (for It) there is no Side of the Road

Action! Adventure! Elephant Guns!

trains go Out East

lights go Out Dark

bring in the Smoke Machine !

the Fog Machine !

set up the Travelling !

Will have Blood on the Tracks tonight !

Thus Shall Be

Adding chapters to the Book

ever brings you back to The beginning

there is No-book

– says me – we just can not Be on It

(much as we extend cannot inhabit or tread It)

Cut to the Ghost Dance!

Wovoka! make it Real!

Here comes the choo choo train

Choose your side & be quick

(Actually you can’t choose a side)

You cutting a stick

God bitten by the headlights – I can see !

Hand me that pamphlet

Nothing is destroyed !

Hand me a shot & a chaser !

Writing the past here !

Writing the future !

Where the shiny things Were

There – We shall Be

In the Dark – they shine unminded the Rush inviting

Our Golden Guide neglected (unbelievable)

doing the Buffalo dance

Action in the headlights!

this is It guys – Our Dream

(Yet which are the names in the credits?

whose is the Seal The End?

Words upon Words do Infinity

No-brand may cut the tail of It

only Its teeth recede)

Truth and Story overlapping

– in a Line – Horizon

where the Buffalo is dead and alive

where the Whistle blows unheard of

where Action is a fire-Word

– a finger holding Light

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